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Life International have ensured that our electrical engineering team are compliant with the company's OHS needs, first aid training and CPR/LV certificates. We know that they will always have the most up-to-date information that they pass onto us, making our staff safer and smarter. Our team always enjoys the training exercises, and the staff are consistently very helpful.

Angela, Lend Lease


Can I refuse to provide First Aid?

People have a general duty of care for three groups:

• Your Family
• People in Your Car
• People in Your Workplace


What makes a good first aid Kit?

Life International Training (LIT) believes the new legislation First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice 2012 has finally got it right in regards to what should be in a first aid kit for most businesses and homes. The National First Aid Kit provides all the essentials which should readily be available for any situation, be it a fatal stroke, cardiac arrest or a natural calamity.


It’s what makes Life International Training a premier provider of face-to-face First Aid and Fire Safety Training.

As a fully compliant Registered Training Organisation, we provide nationally recognised qualifications to government, corporate and school sectors, industry, private enterprise and small business.

Our professionally qualified trainers deliver our innovative, interactive, First Aid, Fire and Evacutation and OH & S training programs on-site, at your convenience.

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