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Life International Training is a National Service provider that is able to facilitate all your training needs around the country, providing consistency of training.

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I’m writing in regard to the CPR training that I received by Michelle. I was lucky enough to attend CPR training through my company. Even though CPR and First aid Training is compulsory at our workplace with senior staff they also open it up to other workers who want to attend. In my case I didn’t expect what was going to unfold over the next 24hrs!

I was driving down the road and saw my older kids in the pool with the pool scoop. I proceed to walkover to see what was going on and discovered my son floating just under the surface of the water. I immediately pulled him out and saw that he was foaming at the mouth and going blue in the face. Without thinking I applied CPR training that I had received from Michelle and managed to get him breathing again. When the ambulance arrived they took my son to the hospital where he received treatment overnight. The pool is certified by a qualified inspector and I’ve always ensured that pool safety is no.1 but I never expected something like this to ever happen to our family.

I was thankful that my company allowed me to learn CPR and that Michelle provided me with the necessary skills to help revive my son back.

I highly recommend Life International Training to any organisation as you never expect when you will need to use it.

Kind Regards

Craig K


We get safety. It's what we do.

about-us-safetyIt's what makes Life International Training a premier provider of face-to-face First Aid and Fire Safety Training.

As an NVR Registered Training Organisation (National Provider Number 30326), we provide nationally recognised qualifications and Statements of Attainment to government, corporate and school sectors, industry, private enterprise and small business.

Our professionally qualified trainers deliver our innovative, interactive, First Aid, Fire and Evacuation and OH&S training programs on-site, at your convenience.

Why your staff need First Aid & Fire Training

Properly designed and implemented emergency procedures save lives. It's that simple. The impact of a crisis, whether man-made or naturally occurring, can be substantially reduced when people are trained to respond correctly.

Work Health & Safety Regulations 2011 and AS3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities apply, with business incurring potential penalties for non-compliance. In Qld the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 means that you may incur hefty fines for non compliance. Life International Training can ensure your organisation is fully compliant with relevant legislation.

Tailored Training Solutions

Life International Training knows that generic, 'one-size-fits-all' training can't possibly provide all the specific skills you and your staff need in order to maintain a safe working environment.

That's why we customise our training solutions to your individual industry and business needs. It's important that your staff know what to do and how to do it in your workplace, and it's our dedication to this philosophy that sets us apart from other training providers.




quote-signLife International Training's core business is education so our programs focus on improving the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and SAFETY of you and your teamquote-sign


How We Work With You.

Total Safety Solutions
Identify specific team and site requirements for your organisation, and determine suitable options.
Program Development
Our programs and plans are customised to your business needs and requirements.
Outline deliverables, programs, plans and available options specific to your organisation and relevant departments.
Program Delivery
Our qualified trainers ensure your staff obtain the specific skills to ensure a safe working environment.


Awards, Recognition & Sponsorship


Finalist Qld Training awards


Workplace Health and Safety Awards – Special Commendation Award


Secrets of Australian IT Innovation – E-Learning Honourable Mention


Xstrata Copper – Ernest Henry Mine – Commendation for making a difference during the 2005 record year at Xstrata Copper Ernest Henry Mine.


Toowong Football Club - Certificate of appreciation in recognition and appreciation of their support in recovery of the Brisbane Floods

We also sponsor World Vision, The RSPCA, SMITH FAMILY 


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