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We often attend First Aid and CPR courses wondering ‘will I ever actually use my skills for real’?
Providing CPR or First Aid treatment can often mean the difference between life or death.

Here are some real life accounts of everyday heroes using their skills to make difference.
Have you undertaken training with us and have a similar story? Email us and we will send you a FREE* First Aid kit as a way of saying thank you for providing vital First Aid care for someone in need.

 *subject to verification of incident

I’m writing in regard to the CPR training that I received by Michelle. I was lucky enough to attend CPR training through my company. Even though CPR and First aid Training is compulsory at our workplace with senior staff they also open it up to other workers who want to attend. In my case I didn’t expect what was going to unfold over the next 24hrs!

I was driving down the road and saw my older kids in the pool with the pool scoop. I proceeded to walk over to see what was going on and discovered my son floating just under the surface of the water. I immediately pulled him out and saw that he was foaming at the mouth and going blue in the face.

Without thinking I applied CPR training that I had received from Michelle and managed to get him breathing again. When the ambulance arrived they took my son to the hospital where he received treatment overnight.

The pool is certified by a qualified inspector and I’ve always ensured that pool safety is no.1 but I never expected something like this to ever happen to our family.

I was thankful that my company allowed me to learn CPR and that Michelle provided me with the necessary skills to help revive my son back.

I highly recommend Life International Training to any organisation as you never expect when you will need to use it.

Kind Regards

Craig K

Spill Kit Training

On site Spill Induction and Environmental Awareness Training ensures you can show "environmental due diligence", and meet the requirements of Workplace Health and Safety.

This training should be undertaken when a spill kit is supplied in the workplace.





EPA Fact Sheet

Annual training of staff in handling spills may help mitigate company penalties in the event of a spill that damages the environment.
Businesses and individuals should be aware that the courts in Australia are ordering significant penalties for breaches to Environmental Protection Regulations. The EPA, or in Qld, the Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM), can invoke on the spot fines for lack of preventative environmental measures as well as penalties for actual harm.
Businesses can reduce the likelihood of a costly and resource-intensive public prosecution being brought against them by an environmental regulator by implementing safety protocols and training.


DOWNLOAD Trucks Spill Kit Fact Sheet




It is necessary to protect the environment by providing a secondary containment system, for liquids which if spilt are likely to cause pollution or pose an environmental hazard.

The guidelines specifically apply to above ground storage and transfer areas. It should be noted that almost all liquids may cause pollution or pose an environmental hazard if released.



Chemical Cabinets

AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids

"Except for the purposes of loading and unloading, freight containers shall not be used for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids in packages, unless they have been modified to comply with the requirements Sections 3 and 4 of this Standard with respect to separation, segregation, ventilation and spillage containment".



Storage of Chemicals

Your Safety Data Sheets will determine how you should store your chemicals.

Also, a PCBU is required to have a Chemical Register. Contact Life International Training if you would like a COMPLIMENTARY template of a Chemical Register.

DOWNLOAD Storage of Chemicals Fact Sheet



Diphotérine® is a general-purpose washing solution for eye and skin chemical splashes

A Chemical burn is irritation and destruction of human tissue caused by exposure to a chemical, usually by direct contact with the chemical or its fumes.

28.09.48 Diphoterine


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