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Diphoterine save students eyesight

We recently decided to purchase Diphoterine through Life International Training for use in our Science labs here at the College. We opted for the 50ml Individual Eyewash, the bottle sits in a fabric pouch that we have mounted on the wall for easy access. Unfortunately, we had an incident where a student had some chemical splashed around her eye, the teacher quickly applied the Diphoterine and she was then taken to Hospital for observation. No damage occurred to the eye and the Hospital staff were very impressed that we use Diphoterine in the College, we have now included our darkroom and our chemical storage rooms.

I would definitely recommend this product as a worthwhile investment.

David Kitcher
Lourdes Hill College 5.06.17

Mark McMullen – Managing Director

Mark is a qualified workplace trainer with an excess of 19 year's experience in the field of workplace education relating to first aid and communications.

The first seven (7) years of his career was spent at various locations with the Australian Army as an Electronics Technician and Section Medic. He was also heavily involved in training personnel in a variety of related subjects.

In 1995 Mark joined Optus Vision as a senior technician and on-the-job trainer. The network services unit, of which he played an integral part, was responsible for one of the largest rollouts of communications equipment and cabling in Australia's history. Mark's final position in the field of electronics was held with AAP Communication Services (a sister branch of AAPT). He was a member of a team responsible for the national maintenance and installation of the Vodafone network.

In 1999 Life International Training, initially had two (2) trainers delivering courses to in excess of 2000 students per annum, we have now grown our portfolio to 11 trainers delivering courses to in excess of 10, 000 students in the 2012-2013 financial year.

Mark has held an Associate Membership of the Australian Resuscitation Council (QLD Branch) and is a past member of The Australian Institute of First Aid & Emergency Care Providers (QLD Division). Mark also sat on the advisory committee for the development of the original Health Training Package.

In this role Mark prides himself on his dedication towards educating the community and first aid professionals in vital life saving techniques.

Craig Whatnall – Training Director

Craig is a qualified Ambulance Officer with in excess of 15 year's emergency health experience, the first six (6) years was spent undertaking 'on road' Ambulance duties throughout southeast Queensland.

In 1990 Craig became a key component of a 12 member team at the Queensland Ambulance Officer Training Centre (AOTC). The AOTC team was tasked with developing and delivering Queensland's first tertiary accredited ambulance educational program to in excess of 1600 officers throughout Queensland. The AOTC teams' efforts were rewarded during Craig's service with a total of five (5) State and two (2) National Training Awards. During this period Craig was also responsible for senior policy development within the Queensland Ambulance Service's Community Education Branch.

In early 1995 Craig accepted the position of QLD Training Director at St John Ambulance Australia (QLD). This position was responsible for a total of 1400 trainers facilitating First Aid and related courses to in excess of 55,000 Queenslanders per annum. During this period Craig also held positions upon the Australian Resuscitation Council and the Ministerial Advisory Committee on First Aid Training. Craig has held an Associate Membership of the Australian Resuscitation Council (QLD Branch), is past Chairman of The Australian Institute of First Aid & Emergency Care Providers (QLD Division), is proud to maintain a close association with the emergency health industry in Queensland and is recognized as one of the industry's leading experts.

Craig possesses a depth of awards, qualifications and experience, some of which include:

  • 1988 4KQ Community Achiever Award
  • 1992 QLD Training Awards – Winner –Outstanding Contribution to Training in the community and Health Services Industry
  • 1993 National Training Awards – Certificate of High Commendation – Best Practise in Adult Education/Human Resource Development
  • 1994 Queensland Ambulance Service – Certificate of Appreciation – 10 years service
  • 1994 Queensland Ambulance Service – 10 year service Medal
  • 1998 Queensland Ambulance Service – Certificate of Appreciation – "For significant contribution to the education of Ambulance Officers undertaking the Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Ambulance)."

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